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Ever Since 1984, Cathryn has been helping people better understand human behavior so they can improve their relationships. By learning new communications skills and creative strategies for dealing with change, clients can end the pain and stress in their lives and create new levels of happiness and success. Cathryn is a coach not a therapist. The difference? Therapy tends to deal with the past-coaching focuses on the future. Imagine the joy of repairing or reviving a business or personal relationship!

Cathryn's Approach:

Along with the face-to-face and phone coaching sessions, Cathryn offers workshops and motivational talks for audiences around the country.

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is an independent Sales, Relationship and Stepmother Coach and Consultant. Whether working face-to-face, on the phone or with groups, she specializes in helping clients better understand and then change their behavior while gaining insights and learning new skills to create immediate, positive and lasting improvements in their business performance and personal relationships. Read More....

Services offered by Cathryn Bond-Doyle

Face-to-face or phone sessions range from 30-90 minutes each and are scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed basis. There are discounts for longer term working agreements and multiple client accounts. A sliding scale is offered where applicable.
Coaching for Sales Reps: Work on your closing skills; improve your management style to make it more authentic and effective. Increase your sales to exceed your quotas and goals. Master the art of selling with a customized program of skills development using “on the job” situations as you learn.

Individual & Couples Coaching: Bring the problems and difficulties to our sessions and leave with new understanding, lots of new skills and a personalized action plan for creating a new, achievable and future of your dreams.

Stepmom Coaching: Work one on one with Cathryn for a tailored solution for your personal situation. The Keys to less stress and more joy in this complex role. Please visit our site-just for Stepmoms-

Speech Coaching: Dazzle your next audience and understand how you did it! Develop your own personal style and add the proven communications skills that allow you to connect with your audience and persuade them to your point or inform them of your cause. Speaking is great fun when you are confident your speech will be great! Learn how once and do it forever! One time or hourly fees available.

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